Success Stories

Shravani Pawar
Founder : SAFE HANDS 24x7

The enterprise is providing employment to more than 120 marginalized women and the yearly turnover is crossing Rs. 1 crore. In 2009, founder and DFP graduate Shravani Pawar had a vision of creating..  Read More

Sikandar Miranayak
Founder & CEO: SRDS

Not knowing a language is often considered to be a hurdle in one’s life, especially when the language is English, but this was not the case with Mr. Sikandar Miranayak..  Read More

Deepa Patil
Founder: Shining Moon Foundation

I had passion to do something big but was very shy. I would hardly interact with people. I had considerable knowledge in computers but lacked up-gradation skills. I also required being a better communicator..  Read More

Parivartan Gurukul

I am professionally a pharmacist and have worked in the same field for quite sometime. As we were doing a research on fluorosis in water at Kalkeri..  Read More

Basavaraj S. K
Founder: Innovative Foundation

Basavaraj worked for a while after completing MSW, realizing that he needed to polish his skills and go an extra mile to reach his goals. He joined the 2nd Cohort of DFP in 2008-09..  Read More

Working with Selco Foundation

Yellalinga, from Gulbarga lacked confidence, sense of time and planning and was neither an effective communicator nor good with technology. During his days at DFP, he picked up all these skills and also took classes for his co-fellows and graduated as a confident responsible young man..  Read More

Hanumantha B. Haligeri
Dist. Reporter, Vijaya Karnataka

Hanumantha is currently working as the district reporter for Vijaya Karnataka. DFP transformed him from a backbencher into a leader. Hanumantha has now written four books; a drama, a novel and two collections of short stories, each of them have won him an array of awards..  Read More

Babu Hipparagi
Co-Founder & CEO: Sarvashree Souhardha Credit Sahakari Niyamit

Having worked as an employee for an organization for 8-9 years, I realized that I wanted to start-up on my own. Feeling the need to polish my skill set and get a better idea..  Read More